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Brampton Dentist Dr. Robert Axelrad

Welcome to our Dental Office

From your first phone call or visit, you’ll know your smile is welcome at our Brampton dental office. Your smile is important to you and that’s why we make every effort to make it beautiful and to keep you smiling during and after every visit you have with us.

Celebrating Over 20 Years in Brampton 

Brampton Dentist Dr. Robert Axelrad has been practicing dentistry since 1988. His dental office in Brampton has been a part of the community since 1997. Over the years he’s treated young children, watched them grow up and now serves their children. That’s a reputation built on trust, confidence and friendly, caring service.

Are You New to Brampton?

We gladly welcome newcomers to Brampton – and to our dental office on a regular basis and  we’re always happy to meet with them. Whether you are new to our practice or are already part of our dental family, you’ll find a warm, friendly welcome because we want to make you feel at home in Brampton and in our dental office.

Looking for a Brampton Dentist?

We accept new patients including families. We take the time to make each and every patient feel welcome and treated with exceptional dental care. We invite you to phone us for an appointment at (905) 791-3867 or drop in and say hi. You’ll be glad you did!

Our Dentists provide an array of services

We can treat or advise you on a variety of dental services including:

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