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Emergency Dentistry

Dental Emergencies

Dental Emergencies

Emergency Dentistry for Brampton

“Treatment of chipped and fractured teeth, toothaches, swellings and other dental emergencies.”

 Dr. Robert Axelrad, Brampton Dentist

Good family dentists aren’t just available when it’s convenient for them. The best emergency dentists are there for patients at the drop of a hat. Dr. Axelrad offers extended hours – evenings and Saturdays – and encourages walk-ins or dental emergencies.

With ample and validated parking, our office is easily accessible from the main floor of a medical building and is wheelchair accessible.

Emergency Dentistry for Kids, Adults & Seniors

Our dental office offers a variety of emergency dental services for children, adults and seniors, including but not limited to the following:

Dental abscess: An infection/swelling in the mouth, face, jaw or throat that begins as a cavity or gum infection. Abscesses can come from poor oral hygiene or from any health conditions that naturally weaken the immune system. For more information on dental abscesses, please read the blogs, “What is a Dental Abscess?” and “Dental Abscess, Part Two, Treatment of Facial Swellings’’.

Pericoronitis, is another type of dental swelling that results in patients coming to the office as a dental emergency. This is a swelling usually related to a lower back tooth i.e. wisdom tooth. Pericoronitis is when a flap of gum tissue grows over the back part of the tooth. Bacteria and food debris accumulate under the flap of tissue, which results in an infection. For more information on Pericoronitis, please see the blog series, “Pericoronitis-Part 1,” “Pericoronities-Part 2,” “Pericoronities-Part 3,” “Pericoronitis-Part 4“.

Toothache: Can refer to most forms of pain in and around the teeth or jaws. Toothaches have many possible causes including cavities, cracks in teeth, exposed roots, gum disease, and muscle spasms. Severely decayed teeth most often result in a toothache. For more information about this, please read the blog, “Severely Decayed Teeth”. If you’d actually like to look at the decay/cavitation process then please refer to the blog “Dental Anatomy 101”.

Dental trauma: Any injury to the mouth, including the teeth, gums, jawbones, tongue, or lips. Any major accident or physical trauma – including car accidents, sports injuries, physical fights, and burns from hot liquids or injuries from biting hard foods – can qualify as a dental emergency.

Most often dental trauma in children and adolescents presents as a fractured tooth or even a tooth that’s been avulsed. This means that the tooth has been completely displaced from its tooth socket. For a more in-depth discussion of dental trauma, please refer to the blog “Children and Dental Injuries”.

Emergency root canal: Repairing damaged teeth by treating infection in the pulp – the soft tissue in the center of the tooth made up of nerves and blood vessels.

An emergency root canal may be required:

  • If there is advanced decay which has entered the nerve of the tooth and is causing pain.
  • The individual has been involved in some form of traumatic injury which has resulted in a fracture of the tooth in such a way that the nerve has been affected.

For more information on root canals, please refer to the blog “Rrrroot Canals.”

Emergency extractions: Our office provides emergency removal of teeth that are:  infected, severely decayed, causing immense pain and are basically beyond saving.             However, in most cases when an individual is in severe pain, it is not always possible to take the tooth out because it is too ‘fired up’ to calm down with local anaesthesia…we need to calm the tooth down first, before the local anaesthesia will  be able to work properly and numb the tooth.  For this reason we often put the patient on an antibiotic and pain killer. Once the tooth has calmed down, we then bring the patient back for the appropriate treatment i.e. extracting the tooth.

We are located in the heart of Brampton at 40 Finchgate Boulevard, Suite 121 at Bestgate Professional Centre. We welcome new patients, walk-ins and dental emergencies for all ages.

Based in Brampton, Ontario, Brampton Dentist Dr. Robert Axelrad has been practicing dentistry for three decades. During this time, he has helped to improve the dental health of countless satisfied patients in Peel Region, Brampton, Mississauga and beyond! Feel free to call us today at (905) 791-3867 for any dental health question you may have, as we are always happy to hear from you.