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Dental Grill

Dental Grill

Dental grills are very popular….These are just a few of the celebrities that are wearing them: Lady Gaga, Madonna, Katy Perry, Rihanna, and Nelly.


Dental Grills are:
-jewellery worn over the teeth.

-popular in hip hop culture.

-made of metal, such as silver, gold or platinum and may include precious stones, I.e. diamonds.

-can cost 1000’s of dollars, however, this depends on the materials used and the number of teeth covered.

-made from custom dental moulds.

-worn by males and females of all races.

-removable: they snap over one or more of the teeth.

Risks of wearing a Dental Grill

If they fit properly and are not worn for too long are of minimal risk in causing dental problems to the gums and the teeth. However; if worn too long and/or are poorly fitting can:
1. Act as a plaque trap which can increase the likelihood of decay, gingivitis and bad breath.
2. If ill-fitting the grill may act as an irritant to the gums which can cause gum recession and bone loss.
3. Result in abrasion (wear) of the teeth that they ‘rest’ on and also the teeth in the opposing arch that they contact.
4. Excessive wearing of a grill may also cause discoloration of the teeth.
5. It is possible for one to have an allergic reaction to certain metals. However, if the grill is made of silver, gold or precious metals, then an allergic reaction is not likely. The grills that are made from base metals are the ones that usually cause an allergic reaction.

If one wears a grill, they need to make more of an effort with their oral hygiene…they need to keep the grill and underlying teeth and gums in really good condition.

A grill should be removed before eating. It should not be cleaned with jewellery cleaner as this is a substance that should not be ingested.

Some individuals have tried to attach their grill to their teeth with glue: this can have disastrous effects on their teeth (and underlying gums). Keep in mind that adhesive is not meant for internal use.


Is a dental grill for you?

It certainly makes a statement, so if you do get one; consider what we’ve discussed in this blog.

Yours in good dental health,

Dr. Robert Axelrad, Brampton Dentist