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Denture Clinic in Brampton

Denture Care Centre and Clinic in Brampton

Denture Care Centre & Clinic in  Brampton 

“We provide dentures for patients who lost their teeth.

  Dr. Robert Axelrad, Brampton Dentist

Denture Care Clinic in Brampton

Are you shy to smile due to missing teeth? Losing teeth can have that effect. Our Denture Care Centre and Denture Clinic in Brampton can help by restoring your ability to laugh & smile again in public and private.

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Smile with confidence

Are you afraid to laugh or smile? Losing teeth can have this effect. That doesn’t mean you have to suffer in silence. We can help by restoring your ability to both laugh and smile with confidence, leaving your mouth looking not only better than ever before, but natural enough that the naked eye won’t even realize you’re wearing false teeth.

Dr. Axelrad can fit patients for dentures regardless of their age or specific needs including:

Immediate dentures

As you can probably guess, immediate dentures are placed in patients’ mouths immediately following the initial tooth extraction surgery. They don’t feel or function like conventional dentures; they’re simply a stop-gap intended to provide patients some use and the look of regular dentures while their mouths heal.

Conventional dentures

Applied to patients usually six to eight weeks after teeth are initially extracted. Eventually, the immediate dentures won’t fit, as the patients’ bones or tissues tend to change shape as they heal from the oral surgery. When that moment arrives, it’s time for conventional dentures. Any set of dentures fitted and applied after the first healing period qualifies as conventional dentures.


Applied to patients who are missing only a few teeth. Partial dentures are made using the same material used for full dentures. A major advantage of partial dentures is that they can keep your existing teeth healthier, ensuring proper chewing and digestion of food.

Our denture specialist, Jason Kastner, can help you rediscover your smile. Call Dr. Axelrad Dental Office in Brampton to learn more at (905) 791-3867 or email us .

We are located in the heart of Brampton at 40 Finchgate Boulevard, Suite 121 at Bestgate Professional Centre. We welcome new patients, walk-ins and dental emergencies for all ages.