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I remember, a slogan (from many years ago – I believe the early 70’s) geared towards women who smoked cigarettes. It went something like this …. “You’ve come a long way baby.” It was considered modern and hip for women to smoke.

Nowadays, it isn’t considered ‘cool’ for anyone to smoke … actually the reverse. Modern times have focused on getting away from smoking. We will discuss ways to ‘kick the habit’ in a future blog.

Today we will take a brief look at the E- Cigarette …..I guess you can say “technology has come a long way baby.”

E Cigarettes:

– Work on the principle of replacing the nicotine found in a traditional cigarette.
– Unlike cigarettes, tobacco is not ‘burnt.’
– They contain cartridges that are filled with nicotine and other chemicals.
– The nicotine is in the form of a liquid that is converted into vapor or steam when inhaled.
– It is actually a tobacco ‘solution’ that is found in e cigarettes.

This solution contains: A toxic chemical that is found in antifreeze.

: Nitrosamines, which are cancer causing chemicals.


Is there a potential for nicotine addiction?

The fascination of e-cigarettes has attracted a whole new generation > teenagers who may not smoke traditional cigarettes. The past few decades have focused on methods to stop smoking. Will the e-cigarette become a new high tech way to get young people addicted to nicotine? On the flip side of this, one can argue that existing smokers are better off with e-cigarettes than actual cigarette smoking, as they may be inhaling lesser amounts of toxic chemicals than with traditional ones.

The e-cigarette may be to an actual cigarette what methadone is to heroine > an aid to avoid the worse and more toxic addiction.

Since the e-cigarette is considered a relatively new concept, research is required to show their true effectiveness. I.e. are they safer than tobacco ?

Mechanism of Action: The concept of the e-cigarette is similar to a regular cigarette. Upon inhaling, the end of it glows and when exhaling the result is a ‘puff of cloud’ > this looks like smoke, but is in fact vapor.
A battery within the e-cigarette charges a heating element which acts on a cartridge of nicotine and other liquids/flavors.


The nicotine within the e-cigarette can cause addiction and withdrawal symptoms when stopped. In addition, the nicotine can be harmful to arteries over time.
However, the e-cigarette appears to be safer than traditional cigarettes because there is no smoke (which is the most harmful aspect) ……. E-cigarettes do not burn.
There are also a much lower level of harmful chemicals emitted with an e-cigarette as compared to a traditional one.


Time and research are required in order to determine the long term risks and side effects associated with e-cigarettes and also the effects of second hand smoke on individuals……Let’s hope for the best!

Till next time,

Dr. Robert Axelrad, Brampton Dentist

We're getting very excited about returning to work and seeing patients again!  The green light has yet to come from the government, but we are ready now.  Being ready means being safe.  The following safety measures have been put in place to protect patients and staff.

Safety Measures:

  • A plexiglass barrier stands on the front desk in the waiting room.
  • All patients will have their temperature taken with a non-touch digital infra-red thermometer.
  • All staff will wear a mask, gloves, gown, bonnet, goggles and face shield.
  • Hand sanitizers will be readily available for staff and patient use.
  • Patients will wait outside or in their car until their appointment time.
  • No visitors are permitted in the office.
  • Social distancing will remain in effect in the office.
  • Patients experiencing influenza-like-illness (fever with a cough, sore throat or muscle aches) should not come to the office.

We really look forward to seeing everyone again!

Until then, please stay safe and healthy.